Friday, January 30, 2009

New Items

There are so many new products coming along that I don't get a chance to write about them or tell my clients about them before something newer comes along. As well as all the new albums and coffee table books, there are tons of new products. I've got a few to share here that have been popular in our area.
You've probably all seen the calendars. They're a great treat for the grandparents and who doesn't have at least 12 cute photos of their kids. There are also note pads, dry-erase boards, and playing cards with your choice of photo on them. One of my favorites and one of the most popular is the watercolor-paper note cards. These cards really "feel" nice and are a special treat to the person you send them to. I've done some stock cards with some local scenes like the old Red Apple restaurant in Murfreesboro, Conway High School, and some of the peanut-picking scenes from the 1940's. I've also done some note cards from weddings and children's portrait sittings. Nothing is more personal than a note with your photo or your child's photo.
As with everything, we have samples here in the studio. Stop by and take a look!

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