Monday, January 5, 2009

A Christmas Challenge

I know them and love them so I don't think Sherri and Kristie Rawls (they have married names now, I know, but I always remember everyone by the name they had when I photographed their wedding) will take offense at me calling their portrait session one of the greatest challenges of the holiday season. We often photograph groups of grandchildren to give as Christmas gifts to the grandparents. The Rawls grandchildren had a unique, built-in challenge -- lots of little ones. Since five of the six children were under five years old and three of these were under six months old, it was a challenge just keeping them from crying. We managed to make it through the session with a couple of exhausted mothers and a portrait that should have melted a grandparent's heart. Please tell me it was worth it, Sherri & Kristie, because I thought it was.

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