Friday, November 2, 2012

I LOVE the C.V.F.D. ... and so should you!

This has been a week to think about first responders.  We've all seen the images on television of Hurricane Sandy's destruction and were probably inwardly thankful that, this time, it wasn't our little corner of the world in the headlines.  We've seen what vitally important work has been performed by those fire, police and rescue professionals and volunteers who put themselves in harm's way to help their neighbors.  I needed to bring my thoughts to a more personal level and tell why I love the Conway Volunteer Fire Department!

We are so lucky to live in a community where we take care of each other.  I wanted to take a minute to thank the men and women who volunteer their time, energy and efforts on behalf of the Conway Volunteer Fire Department.  I'm afraid they are a vital community resource that we don't fully appreciate until we need them and then  . . . there they are, willing to help us out.  One of my earliest childhood memories is being awakened frantically in the middle of the night to a blaze outside the window of our house.  The building we now call "the old darkroom" that my father first built to house part of his growing photography business had been burglarized and then set on fire to cover the crime.  That building still stands and is used today thanks to the efforts of our local heroes.  And, I very clearly remember the afternoon in the summer of 1996 when an electrical fire sparked by equipment in the darkroom of the studio started a very serious fire in the building I'm now sitting in.  I was amazed at the rapid response of our local fire department and feel blessed that they were once again there when we needed them.
I hope we are still teaching our children in school about how important these brave, committed, generous men are to our community.  My first school field trip in the first grade was to the Conway Fire Department.  We were all so proud to be sitting up on the truck so our teacher must have done an excellent job of preparing us for the trip.  I also know by the number of my clients who bring their children for photos in fireman's gear how proud they are of the firemen in their lives.

Some of these thoughts came up because tomorrow night, November 3, is the annual dinner and auction at the fire house in Conway.  I'd like to encourage everyone to show their support.  You'll have a good time, eat a good meal, see friends you haven't seen in a long time and you'll have a chance to show your appreciation to these dedicated men and the women's auxiliary.  I hope I get to see you there!