Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Looking Back -- "A Little Wedding History"

Occasionally I want to share some photos from the thousands (if not millions) of negatives that we have that have been taken since Conway Photo was founded over sixty years ago. I've pulled a few together and will try to offer a little time capsule just because I think it's interesting.

The photos above are from the weddings of some of our favorite folks through the years who are now truly related. The bride and groom on the left are Linda and Curtis Turner of Weldon who were married in 1956 (I think, someone please correct me if I've got the wrong date). The couple on the right are Donald and Linda Parker of Woodland who were married in 1962. My father photographed both of these weddings and he was truly happy that he helped me photograph the wedding of their children, Heidi Turner to Greg Parker, at the Outer Banks in 2001. Heidi and Greg's wedding was one of the last he photographed before his death and I think he was very happy to see the joining together of two families that he felt such a connection to. He and I are definitely alike in that we believe that being a part of your wedding makes you a part of our family, and we're always glad to see our family members happy.

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Mandy said...

That is really neat! I bet Heidi and Greg would love a collage like that for their home. I would love that for me. I have my parent's wedding album, but Charlie's parents got married in at home, so their weren't any formal pictures :o(