Friday, January 9, 2009

Studio Kitty

Most of you who have visited us through the years may have noticed that we've always had a cat or two around the studio. I'm a cat person both at home and at work and thought you might like to know a little about our current "Studio Kitty." If we lived in the city, we would probably call him a rescue cat but out here in the country, I think someone just dropped him off at the road and he decided to adopt us. He wandered up to the studio one day as a full-grown cat and seemed to immediately claim us as his property. He didn't even seem to mind his immediate trip to the vet for shots and neutering. He seemed so congenial, in fact, that we named him "Friendly" but he mainly answers to "Kitty." Unfortunately, this proved to be a misnomer. We have finally come to the conclusion that he bites and scratches the people he loves the most. I have to believe that because he bites and scratches me more than anyone else. So, be warned, he looks nice and most of the time he is, but his schizophrenic kitty personality comes forward sometimes and he is most "unfriendly."

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