Friday, March 23, 2012

White Way Cafe

My daddy had his own personal filing system for many of his early negatives. It's not unusual to find an envelope labeled "man in uniform" as the description from his pre-1950 files. He got his system more perfected from 1950 on and I love looking back through his ledgers to see the lists of his customers and the photography he did for them.

I was looking through a ledger from the 1950s and found a notation that said "White Way Cafe." I was intrigued because this sounded like it should have been the place to be. I scanned the four old negatives in the envelope and, indeed, this does look like it was quite the hangout. I asked Peggy if she knew the White Way and she did. She told me it was in Boykins but that she had never been inside. Her memory was that it was a place your "date" might go in to for cigarettes or refreshments but that girls in her group didn't think it was quite proper.

I hope there are some more folks out there of a certain age who will share their memories of the White Way Cafe. I could actually go for one of those 10 cent cherry cokes right about now.