Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sweet Mason

I've said before how much I love working with former brides and grooms who bring in their new babies for photos. Amanda and Charlie go back even further with me because I remember them both from my years working at Northampton-East. I followed their romance, photographed their wedding, and am now enjoying the privilege of photographing little Mason. He was a sweetheart even though Mandy thinks he "misbehaved" by wetting our blanket during his nudie photos. What are washing machines made for if not for that!

Amanda was my husband's office assistant at East so I had to report to him how special and sweet the baby is. I also told Joe (my husband) that I thought Amanda and Charlie would be good parents and he wanted to know why I said that. My years of observing parents have made me believe that all that love and good common sense will carry little Mason through with flying colors.
You ought to check out Mandy's blog. She's doing a great job of documenting little Mason and is taking some great photos. She's one of the followers of the Conway Photo blog so click around and you'll find her.


Michele said...

Awww...that little Mason is soooo sweet (even though I've only seen pics)! Hope to meet him in person one day since I've been working with Charlie some time....actually did my college intern with him at IP in Franklin back in 1999 and then we met up again we came to work at Resinall! And yes Mandy is a TRUE blogger...I don't know where she finds the time but she does such a great job!

Mandy said...

I could just eat him up! lol Yes, I did feel bad about Mason wetting EVERYTHING! Thank you so much for being so patient with us. Being a new mother, I often wonder if I am doing things right or better than most new moms. That is why I was so concerned with whether Mason was doing ok with the photo session compared to other 1 month olds. I can't wait to see the proofs, especially the ones of Charlie holding Mason on his arm. I know I am going to have a hard time choosing! Thanks again!