Sunday, January 11, 2009

We're going to miss you, Megan!!

If I've got my timeline correct, today is the day that our intern Megan Klingler of Bertie High School was going to present her senior project. Megan is interested in photography and has been visiting us regularly during this past semester as part of this graduation requirement at Bertie. She has a great personality and has been an asset on the days she has visited with us. She even had the nerve to spend all day with us on the day after Thanksgiving which is traditionally the most hectic day of the year in the studio. She got to observe and absorb a lot that day and I think even ended up babysitting some of our subjects and their exhausted mothers. Megan's photography that she shared with me made some great strides and I only hope we didn't drive her too crazy. We also hope everything went well with the presentation today and that she passed with flying colors. We are going to miss her but plan to call her up and bug her if we need some help.

By the way, Megan is a busy girl and also works part-time at the U.S. Cellular store in Ahoskie. In fact, she sold me my new Blackberry right before Christmas and, like President-elect Obama, I'm already addicted to it.

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