Friday, January 30, 2009

Jessica & Hunter

We may be a little chilly right now but I think Jessica and Hunter are still basking in the warm sun of their honeymoon. I don't remember the details of their trip but I think they were going somewhere warm. These two have been a wonderful, special couple to work with. I did a great, extensive engagement session with them on the Outer Banks last year and they have met with me several times to discuss their wedding photography. They planned carefully and gave me plenty of opportunities to get to know them and they scheduled their day so that we would have time to get the photos they wanted.

Considering the bad weather we've had lately, I was concerned that they would have a cold, rainy, messy day but Mother Nature really came through. It was the mildest day we've had lately --no rain and we were even able to take lots of photos outside.

Edenton is a beautiful spot for a wedding with all of the wonderful old buildings and history on every corner. Jessica and Hunter got married in picturesque St. Paul's church which has been there since the colonial era. Jessica climbed into her hot, red heels (see my earlier blog about that) and her maids into their elegant cranberry gowns and we had a gorgeous wedding. The flowers were especially beautiful -- by Dozier's Florist of Hertford. After the ceremony, the wedding party climbed on the Edenton trolley and headed for "the Green" in front of the old courthouse for some fun shots. While the girls bustled Jessica's gown, the guys got a little restless and did some "jumping" shots. It reminded me of a Beatles album cover!!

A wonderful evening of dinner and dancing followed at the country club with one of the most unique table favors I've ever seen -- each guest got a lottery ticket!! Throughout the evening I'd see guests scratching away at their lottery ticket and even heard a few "YEAH!". I don't think anyone won a fortune but there must have been a few winners in the crowd.

I'm finishing up their wedding website and hope to have it completed by the time these two come home from their honeymoon. Thanks, Jessica and Hunter, for allowing me to be a part of your special day!!

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