Friday, January 9, 2009

Bridal Parts

Most of you have probably seen or heard of "Baby Parts" photos -- those really cute little composites of infants that highlight all those adorable little body parts that don't stay little forever like plump little toes and fingers, tiny ears, and of course little baby butts. We do lots of sessions for children at anywhere from 2-6 months and the "Baby Parts" have become a part of the sitting that parents love.

On some recent bridal sittings, we've started photographing what (for lack of a better name) we're calling "Bridal Parts." When you think about it, brides put so much effort into all the little details that are a part of their wedding ensemble -- the lace and beading detail on the dress, the ring, the veil, the jewelry. When you highlight these individual pieces with some dramatic, contrasty black and white photography, I think you get a really nice effect. It's a nice way to highlight what creates the sum total of a beautiful bride.

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