Thursday, September 20, 2012

I thought I was in a science fiction movie . . .

We had a great time taking Jessie Storey's bridal portraits back in July at the Elizabethan Gardens in Manteo.  We had a few bug issues at the gardens and were scratching our bites a bit but Jessie, her mom, her sister and I were going to finish up taking photos down on the waterfront in historic Manteo.  Always something fun to do in the summer, by the way, because you've got to wade through all the tourists especially the Northerners who do not understand what bridal portraits are and who assumed that Jessie had just gotten married and had already ditched her groom. 

We worked our way out to the dock and I was snapping away while Jessie looked lovely and tried not to sweat (95 degrees and easily 90% humidity).  Suddenly, out on the water this "creature" sort of rose straight up out of the water and hovered, churning up waves and making a whole lot of noise.  I had visions of the Creature from the Black Lagoon and those bad sci-fi movies of  my childhood.  I don't know what these contraptions are actually called but it looked like a whole lot of fun to me on a hot day.  The man attached to this sea creature saw us and realized we were taking photos.  Rather than getting out of the way, he seemed pretty intent on being sure he was IN the photos.  He hovered, he posed, he smiled.  He did everything except don a tux and offer to be the groom.  As you can see, Jessie couldn't help but laugh.

He finally got tired of entertaining us and headed back to sea.  I'm sure he would have come back for the wedding if invited.