Sunday, July 18, 2010


I had so much fun with Linley Johnson when I did her bridal session at NC State. I had never even been to State's arboretum and it was beautiful with lots of places to take photos. But, we really had fun when we hit the Free Expression tunnel on campus. We didn't even try and avoid the pedestrians and skateboarders; we just used them in the shots as they whizzed by. Thankfully, Linley was not obsessed with keeping her dress spotless so we had a great time challenging each other with what we could do next. The composite photo from the tunnel is mine for the studio and Linely has a gorgeous portrait from the arboretum for her wall. All those tunnel shots were just screaming out to me for a video so it's included here.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


A lot of what is done in photography is related to a tradition in one form or another. Weddings, other celebrations, coming of age photos whether it's one year old or 18 years old. It used to make my father so happy to be able to connect the branches of a family's tree through his photos and, as I get older, I find that I get a great deal of satisfaction from doing the same. I just finished some photos for Jessica Pope Henderson of her baby in the family christening gown which goes back several generations. I was also working on restoring some old photos that my father took of Jessica, her twin sister and her brother in the same christening gown some 20+ years ago. While I was searching the old negatives and the old files to print all the photos they wanted, I thought it would be nice to share some of this family through the years. It's a privilege to be trusted to take photos for anyone; it is a compliment to have families come back over and over again through the years.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Senior Season

It's hard to believe but we're back at that time of the year when we start senior portrait sessions for the Class of 2011. We actually have had our first two sessions within the past week so I thought it was time that I got some information out there. We've kept some of our sessions the same as we've been doing for years and have changed a couple of others. It you want complete details on the sessions and a copy of our price list, send me an email to and I'll be happy to reply. I'll also be posting some samples from the three types of sessions to my Facebook page over the next couple of days. We look forward to getting to know the newest high school seniors.