Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fashion Statements!!

Of course I love the little boys that come in for photos but I've really got to hand it to the little girls for their fashion statements. A sampling of a few from last year will give you the idea.
This christening gown was several generations old and was so fragile you could almost put your finger through it. Doesn't she look like an old-fashioned doll?

Miss Blair is wearing a very special christening gown. It mas made by one great-grandmother and she is wearing a circle pin that belongs to her other great-grandmother.
Of course, a girl can't be in fancy christening gowns all the time. Blair is making a definite fashion statement with this chapeau!

I love little girls in ruffly bloomers!

Isabella & Leah put on their boogie shoes! or is that tap shoes?

But I think Avery wins the prize. It's not every little girl who has a camoflage jumpsuit along with her own personal duck call!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Beautiful Black & Whites

It's been so cold lately that doing outside portraits would have turned my clients into popsicles. I had a great time doing these groups. We stayed nice and warm inside and got some wonderful photos. You can enjoy a more complete gallery of these photos on my Facebook page. Become a fan today to keep up with all the new photos and videos being added.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I've been pretty busy lately (which is GREAT!) but I feel like I've neglected my blog so I'm trying to get back in the habit of writing. I was working on this order of little Madison and thought I'd share. I blogged about her last year when she was just a tiny baby and came in with her parents. She is still a precious, little girl with skin like a china doll. I was taking a few photos near the end of the session with her mom and thought that this one was just beautiful. There is such a special connection between mother and baby in that photo and I just love Madison's little hand reaching up to her mom. There are a few more photos from this session on the Conway Photo Shop Facebook page. Be sure and sign up to be a fan to catch all the latest news and special offers.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fairy Princess

I've already posted this photo to my Facebook page but I've had so many comments on it that I thought I'd blog about it as well. Harriet Byrum brought her little Avery and her nephew, Lane, over last week for some long overdue photos. Lane is always a sweetheart and Avery is just as cute as she can be but she was not doing EXACTLY what her mommy wanted that afternoon. She had a beautiful dress for some photos with Lane to give the grandparents but she was also in a little bit of a wandering mood when we were trying to do these. Harriett had been promising her the fairy costume at the end of the session and she finally put her in it to get her in a "happier" mood. She is so adorable but her costume was a little big on her and her wings were a little floppy. We tried clothes pinning her into it but Avery wasn't much in the mood for our attempts. I finally got her to sit down because her princess dress didn't look so big when she was seated and, for some reason, I suddenly because the kids' version of a stand-up comedian. Everything I said to Avery was funny. She giggled, she laughed, she practically flapped her wings. There were far too many for me to choose ONE that I liked so I just put together a lot of them.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Junior Miss Tribute

Our best wishes to Jordan as she participates this week in the North Carolina Junior Miss Scholarship Program. I love working with these girls every year and wanted to put together a little tribute to all of them.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Little People, Big Eyes!

I feel like I've been so busy rushing around with "end of the year/beginning of a new year" stuff that I haven't given much time to my blog. I saved lots of photos before Christmas that I wanted to share but couldn't because they were gifts. I was looking through them and trying to find a way to group several of them together and it struck me (once again) how much I love looking into the eyes of children. Everything is there -- beauty, innocence, curiosity. Whether it's a formal, studio portrait in their nicest clothes or outside in their jeans, nothing is sweeter than those big eyes. Here is a recent sample.