Friday, April 6, 2012


I've said many times before that people are always bringing me treasures to work with and the ex-history major in me really enjoys seeing what comes along. I don't think I've ever seen a treasure more meaningful or sweet or filled with history than this little booklet that Nancy Revelle recently brought in to the studio. I hope I'm remembering correctly but I think she said she found it when she was cleaning out some items that belonged to her mother-in-law. Each page of this little book (about 25 pages in all) has a child's photo on it along with some handwritten words. Sometimes it's a little description of something this child liked or his or her favorite Bible verse followed by a poem written by (we think) Sarah Gilliam, their Sunday School teacher at Ashleys Grove Baptist Church. When I first looked through the book, I recognized the names of some of the children even though some times it's only their first name. I spotted children who would grow up to become the parent of some of my friends so I know this treasure must be over 75 years old. I remember hearing from my father that not that many people had cameras so I am amazed that someone produced this wonderful record of children in the church. Nancy wasn't quite sure what to do with the book but I suggested that we, first of all, scan and save each page so that we could preserve it since the original is in a pretty fragile state. I've attached a few pages to this post for those who enjoy history as much as I do. If there's a lot of interest, I'll put all the pages up on Facebook and everyone can enjoy it.