Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ben & Laura

I've been so busy lately photographing families and children for Christmas gifts that I haven't had a chance to write about a beautiful wedding I photographed in Franklin, VA a few weeks ago. Ben & Laura had a gorgeous fall day and I wanted to share some of their photos.
I always like to play around with the rings and flowers before the wedding if I have a chance. Isn't Ben's ring casting a beautiful shadow in the pages of the Bible?

Laura was relaxing for a few minutes in the parlor before the ceremony and I thought
the light was especially beautiful falling on her.

Ben and Laura -- post-ceremony.

The reception had a lovely, seasonal feel with fall colors. The table decorations used the names of trees as part of the centerpieces and pine cones for the name card holders. This is obviously from the happy couple's table.

I thought this cake was simply beautiful . . .

. . . and it had a special touch climbing up one side -- Laura's little dog.

No one sang any Hokie songs while I was there but I'm guessing there were some Virginia Tech fans in the house with this centerpiece on the food table.

Everyone was lined up to take advantage of the candy bar before they left for the evening. It was a real bonus to the sugar junkies -- cake plus candy!

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Eli W.K. said...

What perfect symbolism with the ring. It's always amazing to see an object used so beautifully to demonstrate an emotion on several differnet levels. Great photo's they must have been very happy.