Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Covered in Girls!!

First of all - congratulations to Joy and Brent Chafin on the birth of little Sophie on Friday. She joins a wonderful family and has three beautiful sisters who will take great care of her and teach her how to twirl. I did some photographs a few weeks ago for the Chafin family and wanted to share one with you. You've may have heard me say that sometimes I know something is special the moment I click the shutter and other times I'm so caught up in the technicalities of trying to get the shot that I can't really appreciate it. The latter happened here. I had been taking photos of the three girls when their Daddy arrived. They all dropped me like yesterday's news and ran to him and covered him with little girl love. I was watching from about 30 feet away and wanted to get photos of this but I also wanted to simply watch and enjoy. I think I got to do both but I didn't really appreciate how beautiful the scene was until Joy ordered this portrait. I was a Daddy's girl myself so I can get a little emotional looking at this photo. There will never be another man in your life quite like your father.

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