Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ho! Ho! Ho!

We're getting in "elf" mode here in Conway -- children and families and framing, oh my!! I decided the weekend was the best time to post these photos. I've had them in my blog folder for almost a year but I thought if Peggy or Lynn walked by the computer while I was writing this that they would hit the "delete" button on me. Most of you who have brought their children in for portraits already know that the majority of the time "Miss" Peggy or "Miss" Lynn help out with the kids and there is nothing that wouldn't try to get a smile or to encourage a hesitant little one to cooperate. Sometimes they have to jump in front of the camera to show what I want and there have been times that they are just so funny that I snap the shutter on them. They usually threaten me not to let anyone see these photos but I decided to accept the consequences. I don't really remember the details of these two shots but I think they both happened during the holiday whirl last year. Peggy must have been demonstrating how attractive a Santa hat can be when worn correctly and I think Lynn was just trying to convince a child that sitting on the bench was fun. They probably succeeded; they usually do and I'm thankful for that. If you'd like to see how crazy we all can get to achieve your holiday photo goal, give us a call and set up an appointment. Time is running out on photos that we can guarantee for Christmas delivery. We'll be taking appointments through December 2 and then we'll probably have to cut off appointments so we can work on the orders that we have in. Hope to see you!


Patricia said...

That is too cute!!! I love it! Can't say ya'll don't have fun at work!

Michele said...

LOVE these pics! So glad you decided to post them!

Mandy said...

I love these pictures...shows such personality. It is always great when you can have a little fun at work and laugh (even if it is at yourself).