Sunday, April 26, 2009

Triple Treat!!

Lots of people have stopped by the desk in the studio over the past four years and have asked about the photos I have posted over my desk of triplets. I have their newborn photo and birth announcement along with a photo from each of their Christmases. I've probably explained that they are the children of a bride and groom from Chesapeake whose wedding I photographed several years ago. I want to be sure and identify the triplets now as Kate, Jack (with glasses) and McRae Stuckey because I was finally able to meet them IN PERSON!! It was a great morning. I got to catch up with their mother, Beth, and their grandmother Cathie. It's been their grandmother who has been exchanging Christmas cards with me and sending the updates, and I was so happy to see these old friends. The children were wonderful. I was a little apprehensive about working with three five-year old but Beth is a wonderfully organized mother (I'm sure she has to be) and the children were a delight. Thought you would all enjoy seeing them.


Anonymous said...

The are so cute!!! Great picture!

Michele said...

What a GREAT picture!