Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Go Heels!!

I wanted to add my own celebration for Carolina winning the national championship and could think of no better image than the one I used for my first blog post -- Melissa Flythe Decker twirling at Old Well on the UNC campus. If you don't know Melissa (and I actually think everyone does), you know that she is the ultimate Tar Heel fan and that her blood probably runs Carolina blue. I'm looking at this photo this morning and know that this isn't just her bridal portrait -- she's spinning for joy in honor of a great season for an unforgettable team. Go Heels!!


Michele said...

I can only imagine how EXCITED she was last night! I know my hubby and I were very excited! Woo hoo...GO HEELS! I absolutely LOVE this work:-)

Cathy said...

I know that Melissa was very excited along with alot of Carolina Tar Heel fans...I know that I was. I also love this picture of her.

Melissa Decker said...

Love the blog!!!! I was VERY excited last night!!! Mama and I took off to Chapel Hill to welcome Roy's Boys home today!!! That was awesome to be there. Thanks Carol!!!