Monday, April 13, 2009

Emporia Swords -- Anna Ruth & Stan

It's been a long time since I've photographed a wedding with the bride and groom departing underneath an arch of swords. It's always interesting to view the precision and tradition involved in such a ceremony. Most of the weddings I've seen with the arch were for a groom in a branch of the military but Saturday's wedding was for a groom who was a member of the police force in Emporia, VA. Anna Ruth and Stan thankfully didn't have rain but the wind was gusting pretty strongly as they departed the church. Stan's fellow officers did him proud and even surprised the couple after the arch by releasing two doves in honor of the day. It did cross my mind that Saturday would have been a good day for the criminals of Emporia because it looked like most of the police were at the wedding. And, I have to agree with a comment I heard one of the wedding guests make to the groom -- "There's something about a man in uniform."

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