Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Camouflouge Weekend or "Does it seem like a lot of people are shooting at me lately?"

It's not often I can find a way to connect a wedding with a four year-old's birthday but this past weekend I had camouflage and guns in every direction. The weekend started off the a bang (so to speak) at Rikki Lee and Joseph's wedding at Cool Springs in Gates County. I've had brides bring lots of props for their bridal portraits (red shoes, boots, dogs, cats, etc.) but this was the first bride I had who brought her gun! I don't remember all the details of her story right now but I think she said that her future father-in-law had given it to her and she wanted to pose with it for a few portraits. Needless to say, her mother bought a more traditional bridal portrait with just her bouquet, but we had some fun with her gun and I'm sure Rikki Lee got a lot of comments from her wedding guests about her "gun-totin'" photos.
On Sunday afternoon I was off to Ahoskie for Colby Hauser's 4th birthday party. I have been honored to be involved in all of Colby's parties thus far and it was fun to see all the kids playing and having a great time. I got a chance to catch up with several cuties I've photographed through the years and it's always great to see how everyone is growing up. Colby's party theme was camouflage -- right down to the cake -- and lots of his gifts from his family and little friends followed the theme. A good time for everyone involved but, after this weekend, I do have to ask the question -- WHY IS EVERYONE SUDDENLY POINTING A GUN AT ME!!

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Anonymous said...

Too cute...loved your last line...usually you are shooting everyone else...LOL