Thursday, January 7, 2010

When you can't choose just one!!

I promised once the holidays were over that I would share some of the interesting photos, etc. I created that were to be Christmas gifts (couldn't spoil the surprise before the gift was opened). This grouping of three 20x20 black and white composites was one of my favorites. These three handsome guys are brothers and I did an outdoor session back in the fall that yielded some great photos. It was just too difficult for their mom to pick one shot so I designed custom composites of each. They looked great with a linen texture finish and simple, elegant black frames. I'm think they were a hit under the Christmas tree for dad, and Lynn and I have been promised a trip to see them hanging on the wall with a glass of wine thrown in for fun.

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Anonymous said...

I just love them...I don't know how I will ever choose when we have to do Buddy's senior portraits next year...I just hope you are able to get a smile or two out of him...cause his Mama sure can't. LOL.