Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Historic Day for Roberts Chapel

It was a cold day in Pendleton on Sunday but the chill bumps were worth it to have the official groundbreaking for the new building for Roberts Chapel Baptist Church. A lot of church members had put in some long hours planning the new building and I was excited to be asked to take a few photos. All of the photos are on a website for anyone to see and I plan to keep this website active indefinitely. There are so many people far and wide who want to see the process of building the new church that I plan to keep the website open and hopefully will add photos to it through the weeks and months that will document the process. I'd love input from the community of cameras out there since I probably be won't be going through Pendleton every week. If you take some good photos of the process and don't mind sharing them, send them to me in an email and I'll add your photos and mine to the website as the weeks and months tick along. The loyal and excited congregation of Roberts Chapel members everywhere can check the site and hopefully feel a part of the rebuilding.

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Anonymous said...

GREAT pictures of such a memorable moment for the congregation of Roberts Chapel. Your pictures captured it perfectly.