Friday, August 21, 2009

We Are Family

If you've been to Conway Photo or are from this area you already know this but we are a small business. It's just Peggy, Lynn, Eula and me and none of us are all here at the same time. But we are family and we love each other and when one of us has a problem or is hurting, we all hurt.
Right now we are all in pain and anxious because Peggy's son and Lynn's brother, Phil, was seriously injured in an accident on Thursday. (Did I mention that Lynn is Peggy's daughter -- in case you didn't know that). We are all keeping him and his family in our prayers and I wanted to write this so you all can add Phil and Betsy and Ryan and Dale to your own personal prayer list. Phil is surrounded by his family and friends and I know the entire community is waiting eagerly for news of every little improvement. Please keep them all in your thoughts this weekend and beyond. (Saturday morning update: Just talked to Lynn and feel encouraged about Phil. He's got a lot of recovering to do but all of his family and friends are behind him and will help out as much as the can).
By the way, if you don't know him, this photos is of Phil surrounded by his two sisters, Lynn and Michelle taken at Allison and Alan's wedding a couple of weeks ago. I knew how much Peggy would love this photo so I dragged these three reluctant models outside for a quick shot.


Michele said...

So glad to hear positive news! Will continue keeping all of them in my thoughts and prayers!

Anonymous said...

Same here...good to know the prayers are being answered. Thanks for the update and please give Ms. Peggy and Lynn a hug for me when you see them. You are right, when you come from a small town we are so close it is like family.

Nancy said...

What a great picture, Carol. I don't know Lynn, but I have been friends with the rest of the family for a long time. I think a LOT of Phil and his family...I am praying constantly for his speedy recovery. But first of all, I thank God that he made it out alive. Keep the GREAT pix coming and brush those teeth!! LOL

Judson's Mommy said...

My thoughts and prayers are with The Davis Family!