Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cakes!! Yum!!

I have been planning for some time to blog a little about wedding cakes. Needless to say, I see a lot of them and they run the gamut from elegant to whimsical to downright funny. A recent groom's cake in the form of the Batman emblem prompted me to sit at the computer and pull up photos of some of the more memorable cakes from the last couple of years to share with you. Hope you're not too hungry when you finish looking at them.

The Batman groom's cake

Another favorite for the groom was this possum cake

This groom was obviously a policeman and I hope he likes donuts!!

This cake topper was bride and groom Pez dispensers

Cupcakes instead of
a wedding cake

This groom's cake with
the strawberries and
dark chocolate makes
me want to dive in

A German chocolate
groom's cake with orchids

These cakes are from
beach weddings at the Sanderling Inn in Duck

I love the icicles on this winter wedding cake

The stargazer lillies were
a pretty touch on this one

One of my favorite cakes --
simple and elegant. Also delicious, I'm sure,
since it was baked by Doris Riggs
from Nashville

I think it's so soft and pretty with this
tulle over the cake. It also helps
keep the bugs off the cake at an
outside wedding like this one

I've always gotten a lot of compliments
on this cake photo. I think everyone likes
the square shape and the colorful flowers.

Really pretty scrollwork in the
icing on this cake

Another beautiful cake -- this one
was baked by the bride's mother.

This is one of all-time favorite cakes. I love the cool, green color,
the miniature pears, the elegant cake stand. This one
was baked by Susan Joyner of Ahoskie.
If I left your cake out, I'm sorry. There are so many great ones and I tried to put together a group of cakes in a hurry.

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