Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Finally some photos of Paisley Benson to share with all of you. The last time we saw Paisley, we really didn't see her. It was when I took some maternity portraits of her mommy Michele that I posted a couple of months ago. Well, Michele brought her over for some photos and we had a great time. These little ones are so sweet and so much fun, especially if they fall asleep. Then we can put them in all sorts of poses that they will hate when they're teenagers.

Since Paisley is a summer baby, she has beach wear -- a beach towel with her name on it and some cool little flip flops. I think I remember Michele saying the flips were a gift from her aunt Whitney.

And of course a beach-going girl has to have her own personalized bucket though Paisley looks a little bored here with our efforts to get her beach ready.

Of course, we did some sweet photos with her mommy and daddy's wedding rings. I know her Daddy probably loved this one with this wedding band.

I think Michele said this pretty little dress was what she wore home from the hospital and her bracelet was a special gift from Daddy.

I think we just plain wore her out. She probably slept in her car seat all the way home.


Mandy said...

So sweet! I know Michele loves the pictures. I am glad you finally got a sleeping baby to do the netting with. Mason wasn't much of a model for that

Michele said...

Hoping to email you today with some orders that I've gotten IF I can ever decide myself...ALL too good, I just LOVE them all! And I plan on getting a collage or two as well!

Judson's Mommy said...
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Judson's Mommy said...

Little Miss Paisley is so sweet. I love all the pictures, but my favorite is Paisley in the netting. Great job once again Carol.

Anonymous said...

Love them all. She is a beautiful baby. You did a great job with the portraits as always.