Saturday, August 15, 2009

Miss Laurali

I have been so busy since I got back to the studio from my little vacations that I haven't been able to find a few minutes to post some new entries. I'm not complaining; work is good. I've just had so many great appointments lately and haven't had time to share them with you.
I definitely wanted to share a few photos of Laurali Lassiter. Isn't she beautiful? She brought her mom and dad over one morning and we had a great time. Not only did she smile for the camera (an outstanding accomplishment for one so little) but she also fell asleep and let us do all sorts of things to her for photos. She posed with mom and dad, she let her mommy put a big pink flower around her head, and she played with jewelry and never even woke up. FYI -- she's got both her mommy and daddy's wedding rings in the photo of just her hands and (I think) her great-grandmother's ring in the photo with the flower.
Hope you enjoy these. I'll try to be better about keeping things up to date now that I'm back home for a while.


Anonymous said...

Just love these photos. They are a true work of art.

Anonymous said...

There are no words to tell you how precious your care in taking these photos is. Your heart saw Laurali and her parents in a unique and beautiful way. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for capturing this time in their lives. They are the most important persons in my life and I can't let you know enough how I thank you for your obvious care. Thank you for allowing the pride and joy to show as MY baby loves Her baby. These photos will be cherished for generations to come. Thank you......