Saturday, October 3, 2009


I'm working to try and finish the photos from Abby and Jason's wedding last Saturday near Hertford. It was a beautiful fall day and they had a wonderful, enthusiastic group of family and friends to help them celebrate. I had always heard about weddings that had a butterfly release but had never photographed one before so I was excited when I found out about it. Jason and Abby came out on the front steps of the church after all their guests had exited and their pastor shared a beautiful reading about whispering a wish to a butterfly and then releasing it. They opened the box and I think Abby expected a big "whoosh" or something because she was leaning backward just a bit. Everyone really enjoyed seeing them flutter out and fly away. I wish I could have experienced it a little more with the rest of the guests but I as trying hard to get photos of the butterflies before they got out of sight. Luckily a couple of them stayed around and even landed on Abby's dress and one of the bridesmaid's bouquets so they got their own special close-up shot. A lovely way to end the wedding and head off to the reception.

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