Friday, October 16, 2009


Sometimes I'm a good girl and blog right away when I intend to and other times I get WAY behind (like three months behind). I had saved the photo at the top of little Avery Grace almost three months ago in my blog folder because I wanted to post it and write about her. She came in for her newborn session and was a little angel. Well . . . time flies and she was back yesterday for her three-month old session. As you can see, she's still an angel and definitely starting to show her personality and her fashion sense. She's ready for fall in her little sweater and hat combo and getting a little bit flirty in her blue ensemble. I'll try to stay good and blog more often but it seems we're in over our heads here with high school seniors and now the Christmas rush is starting so don't hold me to that "bloggin'" promise. Have a good weekend.

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