Monday, June 1, 2009

Youngest Wedding Guest EVER!!

A couple of weeks ago I hinted about a very special guest at Sara and David's wedding in Roanoke Rapids. I believe she may be the youngest wedding guest I've ever seen since this little beauty was only six days old. She is Sara's brand-new niece and her mommy is Sara's sister, Mary Fountain. Little Miss Lillian was due to arrive about three weeks after the wedding (mommy was the matron of honor) but this little princess obviously didn't want to miss the big day so she came early. Thought I'd share some photos of her with her Aunt Sara, with her mommy and grandma, and taking a little nap in her Daddy's hands. She also took a little snooze with Sara's bouquet when we were out on the golf course taking photos. The bouquet is almost as big as she is!

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Michele said...

What SWEET pictures!