Friday, June 19, 2009

OMG!! Trash the Dress!!!

I am so excited to have a minute FINALLY to write about Allison's "Trash the Dress" session. I have wanted to do a trash the dress for a couple of years but haven't had a bride brave enough or adventurous enough to do it. I should have known my intrepid young friend Allison would be ready!! (By the way, check out Allison's excellent photography at her website, Sandfoot Photography). If you haven't seen a trash the dress session before, it's when brides typically go out after their wedding and just have fun doing whatever they like in their dress. Allison added a wonderful new twist to her session though because the dress she trashed was actually her mother's dress. I had taken Allison's "formal" portraits earlier that afternoon in her gown and, when we were finished with that, she put on her mom's dress and just had some fun at the beach. We got quite a few stares from the people on the beach that afternoon and Allison even attracted a very young admirer who would have followed her out beyond the waves. I had so much fun and I hope she did too. You can see all of her photos from the "Trash the Dress" session at and can get a quick look through the video which is posted above this blog post. By the way, after her wedding in July, I'll share some of her "real" bridal portraits which I thought were lovely.

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Mandy said...

I just saw all the pictures...Allison was beautiful! I love them all and that little boy...very cute! I know ya'll had a blast because you could see it on Allison's face in every picture.