Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chowan University Bride

It seems that I spend a lot of time on college campuses with brides. Melissa at UNC, Kristin at N.C. State, Sara at Peace, Andrea at Meredith and, of course, our very own Chowan University in Murfreesboro where I've photographed several brides. I love photographing at Chowan because there are so many picturesque spots and I find new ones every time I wander the campus. I love the stately white columns and rocking chairs at the Columns building, the gazebo, the sidewalk through Squirrel Park, the lake and the bridge. And, if you hit the seasons right, you have azaleas and dogwoods and wisteria to add to the scene. I recently photographed Sarah Davis for her bridal portrait and thought I'd show you a few photos from her session. Sarah was married in Franklin on May 30 (an absolutely gorgeous wedding) and I wanted you to see this beautiful bride on this lovely campus.


Michele said...

Beautiful! Brings back memories of when you did Whitney's bridal photo shoot! And brings back mine and Kevin's engagement shoot there with the gorgeous fall leaves! I heard how beautiful the wedding was from many friends that attended! See you on Friday...I will give you a call on the way!

Mandy said...

I really wish I had done my Bridal Portraits at Chowan...what was I thinking? It really is beautiful there. Maybe we can do a family shoot there sometime!