Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I've already mentioned that things are quiet around here in the winter and we do a lot of catching up and cleaning up. I also try and use this time to study some new techniques and work on some skills that I've been trying to find the time to work on all year. One of my goals of the past year (and I'm terribly slow about getting around to it) is to work on portraits using some of the graphics programs and techniques that give them the appearance of an oil portrait or a watercolor or a pastel. I especially want to work on these techniques with children's portraits because I believe that these beautiful, innocent faces grow up so quickly and that we cherish the memory of childhood so dearly.

I decided to sit down over the last day or so and really concentrate on working on one of these. I started with this pastel rendition of Miss Kathryn Long because I always loved this portrait so much and I thought it would lend itself to a lighter medium like a pastel. I want to have it printed on watercolor paper for a really rich look. I'm going to work on an oil next and hope to be able to share my future attempts.

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