Monday, March 30, 2009

Grown Up Katie

March always brings Katie Vinson -- the "Katie Bug" -- to the studio for her birthday session. Definitely one of the nicest parts of my profession is getting to share in these little ones as they grow up. We get to enjoy sitting up and spitting up, standing alone, walking, talking, dance lessons, going off to pre-school and then kindergarten. It really makes me feel a part of their little lives and I love it. Katie turned the big "5" last week and was having a major "princess" party this past weekend with all her friends and family. It made me want to go back and look at those first, precious photos of her when she was 10 days old and had a little face that was smaller than her mother's hand. Now she wears earrings and sparkly shoes and a princess dress and her dad is already figuring out how he'll handle the boy situation when that comes along. I'm afraid it's coming fast!! Happy Birthday, Katie!!


Mandy said...

I just checked out the photo shoot. What a beautiful little girl! I love the Barbie photo :)

Donielle said...

Oh my gosh, what a beautiful baby she was!! I can't get over how little she was. And she's just as pretty now. I can see Kelly giving Katie's dates the third degree! I'd hate to be one of her dates when she gets old!

Michele said...

What a precious baby and little girl! Very photogenic and such adorable outfits:-)