Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's In His Kiss -- Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! You've seen me write several times now that photographing a wedding is one of my favorite things. My dear husband (bless his heart) tries but doesn't really understand my romantic nature. I love chick flicks and flowers and thoughtful gestures and it's not unusual for me to get teary standing in the back of a church during a wedding ceremony even if I just met the bride and groom the day before. I love a good love story and hearing the music from "Out of Africa" puts me in that plane with Robert Redford every time. In celebration of the day, I took a minute to go through some weddings I've photographed since last Valentine's Day and put together a little collage of kissing. Sorry I couldn't included all my "kissers" from this past year but I didn't have enough time or space. Enjoy the day with someone you love. I'm going to see "The Reader" this afternoon with my sweetheart.
P.S. At least one of my "kissers" above is expecting a baby. Can you spot the parents-to-be?


Mandy said...

Sweet Post

Anonymous said...

whos the mommy and daddy to be!