Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fashion Statements!!

Of course I love the little boys that come in for photos but I've really got to hand it to the little girls for their fashion statements. A sampling of a few from last year will give you the idea.
This christening gown was several generations old and was so fragile you could almost put your finger through it. Doesn't she look like an old-fashioned doll?

Miss Blair is wearing a very special christening gown. It mas made by one great-grandmother and she is wearing a circle pin that belongs to her other great-grandmother.
Of course, a girl can't be in fancy christening gowns all the time. Blair is making a definite fashion statement with this chapeau!

I love little girls in ruffly bloomers!

Isabella & Leah put on their boogie shoes! or is that tap shoes?

But I think Avery wins the prize. It's not every little girl who has a camoflage jumpsuit along with her own personal duck call!

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Michele said...

That must be Whitney's lil Avery...my Whitney was telling me that she had her own personal duck call! I need to try to find out where she got that b/c Paisley's Daddy is a duck hunter too and he would LOVE to find her one too!