Friday, September 18, 2009

OBX Senior

It seems that I've only been writing about senior guys lately so I really wanted to share these senior portrait I took last weekend of Lacy Pfeiffer at Colington Harbor on the Outer Banks. Lacy's family has a vacation house there and she's been talking to me for several months about taking her senior portraits there. We managed to coordinate a weekend that I was going to at the beach anyway with a fun evening running around taking some photos at sunset. I think we both had a good time and I was really excited about how pretty everything was.

I love these beautiful old live oaks with the low branches.

You really can't tell it here but the sun had already gone down and it was just about dark. I had to balance my camera on the back of a bench (I didn't have my tripod with me) and hold it REALLY steady to get this one. This is the only shot that is right in Lacy's back yard. The others were at the clubhouse nearby.
Check out the rest of Lacy's photos at


Donielle said...

OMG I feel old! Her mom was pregnant with her when I was in high school! She looks just like her mom. Great pictures!!

Anonymous said...

She is such a pretty girl and her personality really makes her all the more beautiful. You took some great pictures of her...I love those of the sunset in the background.