Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Let's Hear It For the Boys!!

I'm so excited to see "The Guys" making a statement these days with senior portraits. For so many years, it seemed like the senior girls got all the attention with their numerous clothing changes and hair issues and the guys just showed up at the studio and endured their formal tuxedo photos and then maybe a decent shirt for their environmentals that their moms picked out for them. But the guys are putting their personalities out there now and it's been a great change. I wrote a few weeks ago about our first senior guy of the season bringing his volunteer fireman's uniform for photos and that was only the beginning. We've already had three firemen this year along with these guys showcasing their style and talents.

Ty has had quite an athletic career as you can see from the collection of jerseys behind him. This was actually his mom's idea and we thought it was a great one. She had saved jerseys and letters through the years and we made them the background of his photo.

Ty also gave us a little stylin' and profilin' with his bow tie and shades.

Ryan is really into bow hunting so it was appropriate that he brought
that with him for his portraits.

A guy's truck is really important so why not include it in your photo.
This is JW from Halifax Academy.

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Amy Eason said...

Carol, I was a little worried about how Ty's pics would turn out because he usually HATES having pictures made. Ya'll made it fun and we were very pleased with the results.
The shot with the jerseys is really special because it represents a lifetime of following "Dad's team" and then finally having the opportunity to be one of the guys on the team he has cheered for all of his life.
Thanks for allowing us to do that and for everything!