Tuesday, July 28, 2009

OBX Families!

I've had a wonderful little rush of beach portraits lately and thought I'd share some of the great families I've worked with. While it's always beautiful at the Outer Banks, it's not always a weather-cooperative day. We've worked around the rain and been carried away by the wind and have still come up with some wonderful family portraits. I'll probably be heading back to the beach to do some portraits a few more times this year so call or email and put yourself on the list if you're interested. I'll probably have a weekend in August and one in September and hopefully one in October which I think is the best month (the heat and the tourists have died down). Hope to see you there!!

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Mary Elizabeth said...

I love my little Ryan @ the top!!! He is such a sweet little guy! I loved getting know him last year at the Academy. He is always smiling!!