Friday, July 24, 2009

Alan & Allison -- A Preview


Anonymous said...

Thank you for a wonderful preview and GREAT job at the wedding. Can't wait for the rest. You know how to make us all look good. You helped to make it a really fun day.
Thank God it's done.

Johnny & Michelle

Anonymous said...

I LOVED the preview. Can't wait to see all of the photos! What a wonderful time - a special day - - and such a fun reception. So glad you and Joe were a part of it all!

Anonymous said...

I feel happy every time I watch the preview. What a beautiful Wedding for a very special couple. Hope you will always be this happy!

Allison said...

Carol & Joe,

We'll never be able to thank you enough. Can you believe the first thing we did when we got home from Jamaica (yes, it's really 1:20 a.m.) is run to your blog for a preview? July 18th was the absolute best day of our lives. Thank you so so so much for being there to help us to remember it forever. We're SOOO happy that it was YOU.

Much love,

Mr. & Mrs. Satterfield (HA!)

Audrey Nicholson said...

I loved the preview photos. I was unable to attend the wedding, so I was delighted to see these. Can't wait to see the rest. They are such a happy couple and you captured that beautifully. You rock!

Audrey Nicholson

Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful preview!! Really looking forward to seeing the rest. Carol, you've captured the true beauty of that day so that others will have a chance to experience a part of what some of us were so very fortunate enough to see in person. Allison and Alan, I am so genuinely happy for the two of you. May your love for each other only continue to grow. Love to you both, Denise Fleetwood