Friday, November 7, 2008

Town of Conway Veteran's Memorial Park

You all know that I LOVE photographing weddings and I couldn't ask for two nicer people to work with than Ashley and Guy David whose wedding I photographed on Saturday. My only regret is that I couldn't clone myself and be in two places at once. I would have loved to have been in my dear town of Conway for the dedication of the memorial park for veterans. I consider it one of the proudest elements of my heritage than I am the daughter of a World War II veteran -- a member of that "Greatest Generation" that without complaint went to war for their country and came home to work hard and deliver to their children the prosperity that we have all enjoyed. It is a great achievement that the Town of Conway has worked to honor the memory of these men and women.

My dear young friend, Allison Davis of Sandfoot Photography, was able to photograph the activities of the day for Conway and I am very eager to see all her photos and share in the day. My husband and I drove to Benson for the wedding through solid rain for about an hour Saturday morning and I really hoped that the bad weather would spare Conway, but I found out that it didn't. Joe and I stopped by the memorial on our way back into town Sunday afternoon and I heard that it did rain during the program. I'm so sorry that everyone who was there couldn't enjoy the day with good weather, but I know that the memorial park will now be enjoyed for generations.

I couldn't wait to see my father's brick and I read his name with immeasurable pride. I stood and read through the names of so many other men who were the fathers of my friends growing up. It is with awe that I saw places and events that I know from my study of history were horrible -- places like Pearl Harbor and battles like D-Day -- and yet I never knew one of these men to complain about their service. They did the job they were asked to do and some came home to their families and lives and others made the ultimate sacrifice. It was also incredibly sad to see the red roses on some of the bricks that represented veterans who had passed away before the park could be dedicated.

The Town of Conway has given our community a wonderful gift and I thank them for it.

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Mandy said...

Beautiful pictures! I know your Dad is so proud of you for carrying on his legacy.