Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thoughtful husbands

No, I'm not talking about mine though Joe is pretty thoughtful. I'm talking about the lovely men who call us up with requests for gifts or gift certificates for their wives because they know that's what she REALLY wants. Had such a call a couple of days ago from Sandlin Douglas in Winston-Salem. If you've seen any of my wedding photos from the past few years, you've seen photos of Sandlin and his lovely wife, Hunter, who was from Scotland Neck. My thoughtful husband, Joe, and I went to Winston-Salem three years ago to photograph their wedding. It was a glorious fall weekend. They had a truly elegant wedding and we had a great time! Sandlin called to buy a gift certificate for Hunter because he knew she wanted some more copies of their wedding photos for their home. Good going, Sandlin! One of my favorite photos of their beautiful evening was as they left the reception -- one big, happy family -- Hunter, Sandlin and their pup!

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