Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Class of '09

It's been "senior time" around the studio for the past couple of months. I worked as a high school librarian for 15 years so I really enjoy being around teenagers again. As usual, we've finished photographing all the seniors at Northeast Academy which is something we've done every year for ... well, forever. Northeast had a big class this year but we got them all taken and are working on their orders and their yearbook photos. We've also had seniors from all around the area -- Northampton and Hertford County high schools, Halifax Academy, Roanoke Rapids High School, Brunswick and Southampton academies in Virginia. This year we offered some new Senior Sessions including the "Runway Experience" where you can work at being a supermodel for a day. We have the music blasting and the fan blowing your hair and we encourage wild and crazy dancing. We haven't had any guys take us up on these sessions yet but we're waiting. Call for a session now if you're interested.

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