Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dune Time

It was an extremely busy summer in the studio at Conway and I didn't make it to the beach as often as usual for photo sessions. I did get an opportunity to meet with a couple of families for portraits. Earlier in the summer I met up with Tamara Woodard Norman and her daughter, Camille, for a late afternoon session in Nags Head. Tammy lives in New York City now but, like me, is a Conway girl who gets down south for a visit occasionally. Camille wasn't exactly in the mood for a photo session but she warmed up after a while and I was very happy with her photos. I especially love the one of her tip-toeing up the dune with her dress held "just so." Such a little lady!!
In September I met up at the beach with Tammy's brother, Andy Woodard and his wife Natalie, for photos of their family and the kids. It was such a windy day and we were all eating our hair for most of the session but I think we got some great shots. I love the one of Isabella, Leah and little Ben walking along the shoreline away from the camera. It just goes to show that you don't have to photograph a big, smiling face to capture the moment!

That same day I met up with Kelly and Sharon Vinson and their little Katie. I have photographed Katie since she was a tiny, ten-day old bundle. I have a photo of her from that session in Kelly's hand where it looks like her entire body fits into his palm. I can always date my beginning in digital photography by Katie's age since hers was one of the first I had after I bought my original Canon 10D. She and I have come a long way since then. Now she's a school girl at Ridgecroft and I haven't shot a roll of film in three years. She's her mother and father's little "Katie Bug" and I'm crazy about her too.

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