Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On the Rocks

I met a wonderful family on Friday -- the Simonowich family from Seaboard -- for a portrait session in Weldon. It's embarrassing to say that I have crossed the bridge over the Roanoke River in Weldon thousands of times in my life but have never stopped to explore the little park area there. There's a fabulous view of the river and a great spot for photos.

I hesitated to ask them to climb down onto the rocks but they seemed game so I stayed up on the overlook while they took the path down to the riverbank and climbed out on the rocks. What a glorious view!! I was really excited about how great it looked though I wished I had a megaphone to help me guide the posing. I'm sure an onlooker thought I was having a spasm up on the hill because I was yelling down and doing sign language to line everyone up the best way.

I'm going to have to bring my hiker husband back to this spot because he will just love it and we'll have to investigate more the Roanoke Canal Trail. Now that I've seen this end of the trail, I know the entire walk would be well worth the time.

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