Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lake O' the Woods Plantation

I promised I'd write a little about some of the beautiful spots I've been lucky enough to visit photographing weddings this year. The first one that pops in my mind is Lake O' The Woods Plantation which was the site of Ashley and Jonathan's wedding in early summer. Ashley told me the plantation was in Warrenton and I know that's their mailing address but I had to get out my trusty maps and use Mapquest to find the spot and I call it Hollister. It's about as far out in the country as you can get and this statement is coming from someone who grew up in the middle of a peanut field!! You'll see from one photo in particular that it was so nice and quiet that I could ask the groom and groomsmen to pose in the middle of the road and we were perfectly safe from the traffic.
Who cares where Lake O' the Woods is -- it's beautiful!! The plantation house has been carefully restored and has a lovely backyard with a patio and a pool and a beautiful rolling lawn that leads down to a pasture with a rail fence and barn. There were more spots for photos than you can shake a stick at and Ashley and Jonathan seemed happy to follow wherever I wanted to lead. Of course I got Jonathan on my side by requesting lots of kissing photos of him and his lovely bride. I hope I'm fortunate enough to work at Lake O' The Woods again!

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