Saturday, September 26, 2009

Stained Glass

I had a wonderful few days at the beach and enjoyed the beautiful weather, visiting with my dear friend Jonellen from New York, and celebrating my birthday. Thanks to all of my Facebook friends who sent me birthday wishes. It was so sweet to get back to the studio yesterday and find that list of emails from all of you.
I also had a special treat waiting for me at the studio. Hot off the presses (I think) was a copy of the new cookbook produced by the wonderful folks at Boykins Baptist Church. I had asked for a copy of the cookbook because I took photos of their stained glass windows and they used the photos for the cover of the cookbook as well as for divider pages throughout the book. I think they were pleased with the photos and I thought the windows looked wonderful. The cookbook committee came up with a great idea to make their book more personal by using their lovely windows that they have looked at through the years during church services. I am honored to have been a small part of the process. I think church cookbooks are the greatest anyway. I love reading through them and looking for the recipes of the people I know -- especially those ladies of the church who are known for their cooking expertise.
The cookbook and its cover reminded me of something I thought I'd share with all of you. Many of us who grew up in the small churches of our wonderful communities have stained glass windows in memory of someone from our families and many of you these days have pretty sophisticated digital cameras. You really ought to visit these churches and take photos of your family's stained glass window. If the first photo you take is too dark or too light, play around with the adjustments on your camera and see if you can get a really great photo. Look for a day that is not too sunny because too much sunshine coming through the window will just overexpose it. If you don't think you want the photo or don't appreciate it right now, just wait a few years or wait until your children or grandchildren find it years from now. It's really special. The photo above is the window from Rehoboth United Methodist Church outside Jackson which is my mother's home church, and the window is the one in memory of her parents. Years ago I took a photo of the window as you see it here along with a close-up showing my grandparents' names and gave copies to all of my many aunts, uncles and cousins (my mother had thirteen brothers and sisters). All of them appreciated it so much and I really believe it was one of the best gifts I could have given them. Give it a try.
Well, it's Saturday and I'm back from my vacation and off to a wedding. Later.

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