Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy 100th Ashley's Grove Baptist Church

I wanted to take a moment to send my best wishes to all the good people of the Ashley's Grove Baptist Church community with whom I just celebrated their 100 year anniversary. I'm going to be gone from the studio all next week (Lynn and Peggy will be here if you need anything) and I haven't had a chance to go through all the photos carefully but I wanted to put this one up to give a preview of the ones to follow. They always do a group shot in front of the church at each of their celebrations and this HAS to be the largest group ever. I'm pretty sure it's the largest group I've ever had in front of a camera. It was a beautiful day and a glorious celebration to be a part of and I got pretty sentimental myself looking at the display of all of the old photos that are a part of the history of their church because I recognized so many of them as photos that my father took. Nothing made him any happier in his profession as a photographer than to contribute to his local community and I know that Ashley's Grove was a community that he enjoyed working with. I am proud to continue that. Congratulations to everyone that is a part of Ashley's Grove.


Sue said...

Thanks for posting the picture Carol. You did it! I heard several say "she's never going to get everyone in there", but the Hedspeth tradition continues with its usual excellence. We were glad to have you spend the day with us. Enjoyed chatting with you briefly before things got busy. Enjoy your week.

Mandy said...

I found me and my family :o) Thanks so much for spending the day with us. I can't wait to see more of the pictures. Have a safe week! I know the studio is in great hands.